Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind co-operative living

Co-operative teaches us that each of us is each other's keeper, and that we can best lighten our burdens by lightening the burdens of others; that we can achieve our own happiness by including within it the happiness of others. The justification for such a belief is the fact that wherever human beings have manifested, a desire to help their fellow being secure improvement by co-operation, improvement has taken place.

We came to be a part of this community for a variety of reasons. Some of us were searching for secure and affordable housing, others wanted an alternative to renting, and many were hoping to join a family-oriented neighbourhood which would promote the growth of all its members, young and old. Because we make decisions and carry them out, we are able to achieve many of these goals.

Most of us have never known so many of our neighbours before, or been so ready to help one another. The "co-operative spirit" is contagious. Members learn more as they serve on committees or lend a hand at co-op functions. Our housing charges are reasonable, predictable and fair, so we have some control over this important side of our life. We support and encourage each other, and we all work together.





Basic Principles

The co-op is:
A continuing housing co-operative in which members do not own individual houses, but share collectively in the ownership of all.

The co-op members agree:
To democratic control by members on the basis of one vote per member.

The co-op members understand:
That when a member leaves the co-operative, it will be without financial loss or gain.